From Islamabad, with Love! – Part 1

Did you all know that recently … like 6 months back.. I took a trip to Islamabad. And since I am one lazy person, I haven’t been able to upload the pictures so far. So let me take this opportunity and post some of them now! And yes, I am becoming more regular with this. So get ready for that!

So here are some images that I was just clicking away of the scenery around Islamabad!



My First Assignment for my 5th year course!

So it has been almost a month since the internship ended, and almost two weeks since university kicked in, and I promise you, it was taking its toll on me already. I am taking two courses of 5th year, these being a course for Writing Skills ( which reminds me I should know the exact name of the course), and a Design Studio! Besides this, I am retaking a 4th year Studio, which I flunked last year, and between all this, I have no time to breath!

So I have decided to post my assignments that I will be doing this semester up throughout the semester, simply for having anything productive to write at the moment – did I mention that this semester is taking its toll on me? Well IT IS!

So people, here is my first assignment that we did for my Writing Course! Let me know – who ever you are out there who is reading this – what you think of it! This weeks assignment was an Op-Ed, that I would be post soon, which had to focus on the thesis topic that we would be taking up!

Introduction: A few words about me.

Named as Varda Nisar by my parents back in 1986, I feel that it is the hardest thing for me to write anything about myself. I have never been comfortable with writing about myself ever, and thus this is not an easy task for me, but I shall make an attempt at it. Continue reading