Thesis, Thesis!

I will tell you one thing! It’s not easy getting anything done in this country! Relevance you ask? Then let me tell you in detail friends! I am working on my thesis project at the archeological site of Banbhore – a site often considered to be the historic town of Deybal!

The thesis hopes to take into consideration the various aspects and charters taht put various limitations and rules and regulations about how to apprach such a site!

So for the project, I needs maps! Ton’s of them! All sorts of topographical maps! And every department which can help me in this regard is a Government Sector Department!

The result is that half the time the concerned person has just hasn’t shown up! If it is a female, then its probably a headache, and if it is a male, then rest assured his wife is giving birth the umpteenth time this month!

And for two weeks now, I have been going from one department to the other, chasing Government Officials to help in some way, in complete hopelessness!

I need help!


My First Assignment for my 5th year course!

So it has been almost a month since the internship ended, and almost two weeks since university kicked in, and I promise you, it was taking its toll on me already. I am taking two courses of 5th year, these being a course for Writing Skills ( which reminds me I should know the exact name of the course), and a Design Studio! Besides this, I am retaking a 4th year Studio, which I flunked last year, and between all this, I have no time to breath!

So I have decided to post my assignments that I will be doing this semester up throughout the semester, simply for having anything productive to write at the moment – did I mention that this semester is taking its toll on me? Well IT IS!

So people, here is my first assignment that we did for my Writing Course! Let me know – who ever you are out there who is reading this – what you think of it! This weeks assignment was an Op-Ed, that I would be post soon, which had to focus on the thesis topic that we would be taking up!

Introduction: A few words about me.

Named as Varda Nisar by my parents back in 1986, I feel that it is the hardest thing for me to write anything about myself. I have never been comfortable with writing about myself ever, and thus this is not an easy task for me, but I shall make an attempt at it. Continue reading