Inclusion or Narratives? A comment on Diversity

During my placement time, one of the debates that took place as part of the Delegates Program for The Spark Arts for Children was inclusion. Two discussions/sharing of experiences took place under the heading of “Conversations with Communities” and “A new kind of Artist Development”.

While my most common reaction to such topics and debates is that these are very first world problem and hardly have any relevance with my context, what stood out for me was the sensitivity towards the need for inclusion.

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Spark Festival Day 1- Lessons of a Placement

For the last two weeks, I have been in Leicester, my temporary home for a month. I have come to be in this strange land as part of my secondment/placement with the British Council and Khoj International Artists Association.

Sometime last year 15 the young and smartest of South Asia found themselves honored with the Arthink South Asia Fellowship, and this placement is just one step of that Fellowship.

But today was the first day of the Spark Festival for Children, organized by The Spark Arts for Children – my host organization.

Now coming from a third world country – Pakistan – it takes very little to impress us; people driving in lanes, not breaking signals, etc. But the first day of the Festival alone is enough to constantly ask yourself “Have I been living in a jungle?” Continue reading