A Sad looking Stupa: Stop 2

The Second Stop that we took on the trip, pictures of which I have posted earlier, was Nawabshah. When I was told to stop and take a look at a Stupa in this town, I was a bit shocked to even learn that such a thing exists in this town, since I had never heard of it.

And when I finally got to the Stupa, it started to make sense why the site is not very popular! The Stupa currently lies in utter ruin and a few more years, and it would be completely lost, remaining just a mere memory!


First Stop – Kalhora Tombs, Hyderabad!

Since I have a big project going nowadays about which I can’t really talk, therefore I will just take this opportunity to satisfy myself that at least I am posting something on my blog by sharing with you a few pictures from this road trip I took recently across Sindh. And since there are a lot of pictures, therefore giving me the excuse to just post pictures, I will share them one place at a time, instead of one day at a time!

So for today, we have Kalhora Tombs, Hyderabad!