The End: Day 4: Leaving Lahore

So Day 4 was all about traveling and seeing Lahore! We had been given 3 options for our city tour that was organized by the THAAP organizers – Walled City, Mughul Buildings, Colonial Buildings – I chose for myself Walled City, simply because I had never ever seen it in my life. Before leaving for Lahore, I had made myself a long list of places I wanted to see again, but unfortunately I wasn’t able to see much of them. I satisfied myself with the idea that I have already seen half of them! But the walled city was an experience I wasn’t going to miss. My tour guide was to be Taimur again, and Mansoor – another wonderful guy who I had the privilege to meet during the conference (Best of luck for your masters)! Anyways I was picked up at around 10 am by Mr. Taimur, and then we set off for the Vandal’s house, from where we were to leave for the tour. I was the only one who had opted for the walled city! From there we went off straight for the Delhi Darwaza!

Inside the Darwaza

Here we were also joined by Mansoor, and then we started the walk… note to newbies : Don’t ever even think of taking your car inside the walled city! That would be a disaster that you would recall for decades ! Anyways so we start our walk! And the first thing that we do is to visit the Shahi Hamam. You can find on the left side as soon as you cross the doors. Once inside, you would be taken away by the intricate details and mosaic work. The original structure has been damaged immensely with the original shape of  the Hamam hardly recognizable.

The Map showing the walled City


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And the show begins : Day 1: Going to Lahore

The butterflies were completely out to get me and there was no doubt in my mind that they would get the best of me. My flight for Lahore for the first ever Trust for History of Art and Architecture, Pakistan (THAAP) was at 8 am, and according to my mother I needed to be at the airport by 6 … you can’t argue with her! This meant that I only got to sleep for 4 hours. Tired and sleepy and with the battle of the butterflies going on in my stomach, I boarded the plane at 8: 15 am – the flight was a full half an hour late, giving me a full two hours to miss my bed like crazy.

The Schedule for the THAAP Conference

I was suppose to be reading a paper at the THAAP Conference and I was as nervous as one can be, and I had every reason to be. I was selected among some very big names in the field, including Dr. Gulzar Haider, Dean of Beaconhouse University, Anila Naseem, Professor at the N.E.D University, etc and the rest that I didn’t know either held a Ph.d Doctorate or a Professorship or both…. I was sure I was being called just to show how dumb the current Generation of students are! Continue reading