From Islamabad, With Love! – Part 3

Another stop that I made during my visit was to Saidpur Village, although the destination was a discovery I made by chance when Googling possible sites to visit when in Islamabad. I had never heard of it before and therefore it was a surprise for me to see such a place. The spot is more of a commercial zone now, with many places to eat and be entertained, but despite this there is still a touch of that rustic old life. You can even wander around in the village site, which are a bit away from the main hustle bustle and be shocked by the contrast this one site presents. 


From Islamabad, with Love! – Part 2

The trip to Faisal Mosque was one more stop that I made despite the fact that I have been there a million times before I think. And I am glad I did! The chance to see the Margalla Hills being surrounded by those black clouds, only to finally come down on us after Maghrib was a experience that I would have never wanted to miss!

So here is a big cheer to Mother Nature and her miracles!