IAPEX 2012 Call for Paper

The absence is regretful! However, firstly let me make an announcement, a responsibility that has been given to me by a friend. 

IAPEX, organized every year by Institute of Architects, Pakistan (IAP) holds its exposition in various cities including Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad. Currently the IAPEX Islamabad, which is scheduled to be held on the 25th -26th of Feburary in the lovely Serena Hotel. 

Serena Hotel - Soon to be the venue of IAPEX 2012, Image from here

The Call for Paper is on the topic, 


The following is the schedule for the submission of the abstracts and so forth,

Submission Format: Format: PDF file
Deadline of Receiving 500 words abstract: Feb 3rd 2012 (5pm Sharp)on the following email address – forum@iapexislamabad.com
Notification of acceptance (by email) Feb 7th 2012
Full Paper Submission: Feb 14th 2012

The format of the final presentation is to be “Paper Reading with Slide Display”. 

You are eligible to apply if  you are either 

  • A Practicing Architect, 
  • Academia,
  • Or a Student belonging to an accredited architectural schools.

So remember those dates, or simply visit on the following days to Serena and breathe into the world of Architecture and great Paper Reading Sessions. 

You can also download the PDF from here


THAAP 2011 – Call for Papers

Yes people, it’s true. THAAP is back in action, and has send out another call for paper. This time the topic is “Potrait of Lahore: Capital city of Punjab”

Now I love Lahore as much as the next person, but don’t you think that the topic is one that is going to leave us Karachite’s out of the loophole this time. Well I still have a topic but I am not sure if it is worth it or not, or whether it would even fit the theme or not.

But I always hope for the best, and besides I would love another excuse to visit Lahore! I love that place!

P.S: The deadline for sending in the abstract is June 15th, 2011.


THAAP Call for Paper 2011

I have been accepted….

A few days back.. actually to be more precise last month or so, my aunt emailed me this Call for Papers email by a group called THAAP – Trust for Art and Architecture, Pakistan.


Calls for Paper


So I was – correction – am very excited about the Conference. More than that what they are doing is something that I am very interested in and want to work in these domains later on. Even my thesis research revolved around more or less the same subjects. Although half the time I am very worried about even if I am making any sense or not.

So anyways, 10 min before the deadline, I am still checking my abstract. And I send it in, promising myself that I won’t even think about it anymore. I mean there is no way my blabber can get me through… but guess what?  On the 28th of September – the day my best friend got married – I come home, after the wedding, get into my night clothes and absent-mindedly am surfing. I open up my email, and there are two emails from the THAAP Conference, the first one I open, and I read and its all about the overwhelming response they got and how the committee is reading the abstracts, and I am like “well I am sure they threw mine away or laughed like crazy in their chairs reading mine”

So I go back to my inbox ( you already know the climax.. I know I have been blabbering forever) and I am like “Oh they sent the same mail twice”. Thank God I didn’t delete it and actually opened it. And there it was the most wonderful beautiful lines ever read

Dear Miss Varda Nisar,

Two meetings of Paper Evaluation Committee were held on September 15, 2010 and September 23, 2010, at 43-G, Gulberg-III, Lahore, Pakistan. The committee was happy to accept your paper for presentation in THAAP Conference November 2010.

I swear I read it 6 times just to make sure that I am reading the right thing and then I screamed out so loud and I actually did the Banana dance *Oh yah oh yah oh yah oh yah*

So since this was the first paper that I had ever sent and that it was actually accepted, I had no idea that you can actually change the title. I thought you were suppose to write on the topics that they had given. They had also attached a list of the received abstracts. Reading that list was no doubt a very humble experience. I cannot believe my luck. I am so so thankful to the committee. Thank you so much people at THAAP. I love you guys!

And work on the Presentation is going at full speed! So keep checking for updates!