The First Post

Let this first post be an introduction as to why and what inspired me to actually start another blog, and this time about architecture. I don’t mean to say here that being an architecture student wasn’t a good enough reason to start a blog about architecture but still sometimes a sudden bolt of lightening is what you need to do something so crazy.

SO this sudden bolt of lightening for me was my internship  that I have started in this Architecture Office – an internship  that would be going on for the next 4 months. So everyday there is a new story, a new anecdote, and a new knowledge passed, which I am going to be passing on through this.

Such a knowledge I passed in my previous post in my other blog, but then I decided that this entire experience is worth more than just another category.. it deserves an entire BLOG. And so here we are! Hope you guys enjoy !

P.S. I will be posting that mentioned post in this blog too !