UK again – Manchester Day 3, 4 and 5


These are notes from the time that I am spending in UK under the New North South Network / Liverpool Biennale Training Program being held in partnership with the Karachi Biennale, which is to be held later this year. 

Needless to say, I am far behind in capturing of my activities in the UK. I am currently in Leeds and that update is soon to follow as soon as I am able to catch up with all that happened in Manchester, and boy did we have a lot that happened in Manchester.

Day 3 – 14th August:

One of the that I was most interested in during my time in Manchester was to see how the Pakistani communities would be celebrating their 70th Independence Day. Thanks to the lovely Saira Qureshi, a true community leader, I was able to be part of the celebrations at the Pakistani Embassy.

The rest of the day included a trip down to the Manchester Museum, getting lost in the Manchester University, and then a trip to the Whitworth.

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In the evening, I was able to catch a Preview of the 70 year Show at the Manchester Museum, and though the show had a lot to be desired, it would be nice to see if the launch of the South Asian gallery in 2020 would be able to  do justice to the history of my region.

Day 4 – 15th August: 

If there was ever a busy day, this is it.

Morning: A rush to the Greater Police Museum since it only opens for a few hour on one day of the week – and is that a popular site or what!

Then to the Manchester Art Gallery (MAG), where I had the chance to see a session for “Safety for Sisters” before heading off to the wonderful “Take Notice” session about mindfulness.

Afternoon: Lunch at the amazing cafe at the Art Gallery, before giving a presentation before the staff and guests of the MAG about the Karachi Biennale.

Followed by discussions on some future wonderful collaborations!

Evening: A hop across to HOME, Media City and then finally Dinner. Needless to say, I crashed on my bed that night.

Day 5 – 16th August:

Sometime during the previous day, I feel in love with the Art Gallery. So what does one do when that happens? You spend your morning roaming around the halls of the Gallery, wishing beyond all other things that you can take these treasures with you. I feel in love with their Pre-Raphaelite, and the Edwardians, and ofcourse with the work of the wonderful artist, Lowry. It doesn’t hurt to have seen the work of Lucian Freud and David Hockney in the mix too.

Next up was a brief stop to Trafford Centre, before boarding a train to Leeds.

Leeds updates are coming soon.


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