UK again – Manchester Day 1

These are notes from the time that I am spending in UK under the New North South Network / Liverpool Biennale Training Program being held in partnership with the Karachi Biennale, which is to be held later this year. 

I have been fortunate enough to find myself time and time again in the UK and in this process, have gotten the chance to quite a few UK cities. And every single time I am blown away by two thing (in this order):

  1. The creativity that goes in naming the bars / pubs here.
  2. The magnitude of history and the concept of remembrance goes hand in hand

I have always admired the plaques outside random buildings which convert a simply structure into that of historic proportions, the sculptures, the war memorials. the inauguration tablets, and so much more.

And it is this exact feeling that one is able to feel when they stroll on the streets of Manchester.

I arrived in Manchester this afternoon, this being my first time ever in this city and it was only in the evening when I went out food hunting (after spending around half an hour google searching “Best fish and chips in Manchester”) that I was able to conclude the above mentioned two ‘facts’.


The stroll’s ultimate result was this fabulous Fish and Chip place called “The Village Fish and Chips”. It was such a simple hole in the wall that I hardly noticed it as I passed it by at least two times, before finally being able to locate it.

Fun fact: This little eatery was in the Gay District, and safe to say was one a very happening neighborhood – so happening that I even got to make two new friends.

Looking forward to some wonderful new experiences in the coming weeks.


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