Harvard just confirmed something that I have been saying forever!

Just another proof that I have a decent enough IQ level and knowledge of my own self to deserve some respect from everyone out there! Recently found this article on 99u and basically it just confirmed what I have always said about myself that I TEND TO GET BETTER WHEN I HAVE MORE WORK!

This is how I usually explain it to people…

You see, when I have only one project on my plate, I tend to be “Yah, its just one thing.. I will get it done”

What that usually results in me being lazy, over confident, underestimating the time frame and limit and basically ignoring it, thinking, “just one small thing..It can be done in a jiffy”…

It is not done in a jiffy… The deadline comes and I am still not done with the singular project that I had.

Now, when I have multiple projects, I know I have too much on my plate and then I get this buzz and I start working like a bloody tornado on the loose. I tend to be more focused.. more observed in my work…able to make connections easily between the various tasks that I have to complete!

And Harvard just proved it. Let me quote my favorite line from the article

Additional research has shown that we are at our best when we are “busy” (and pushed to our limits), but not rushed.

*SIGH* It feels nice to be validated!