How the “Corporate World” Works?

A little more than a year into this job, and I am finally starting to understand how do corporates work. It is not such a big secret and I am sure most of you already know it and have dealt with it in some way or the other! The simply lure you into a “SENSE OF SECURITY”.

This security comes to us in the form of Insurance, Medical and Health Coverage, Timely pay, other conveniences like travel and good food (you would think that food would have little value but you can be so wrong). Anyways, all these conveniences start to make your moral beliefs and your values and everything a bit weak everyday.. you start to think that you cant get something better out there, and you slowly start to take all sorts of shit… you become more patient with all the bullshit that seems to be surrounding you, tolerating it more and more everyday!

I am starting to feel the trap surrounding me slowly and me giving into it… but I will be damned, if I say a wrong is right!



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