I got nominated for an award which has cupcakes as its symbol!

I could not possibly be more happy than this, because not only have I been nominated by a person who just happened to bump her way on to my blog, but she actually liked a post that had a picture of a window… I mean, you would think that winning an award would be about something big and significant, but never in my wildest dreams did I think that it would be due to a window in a land where I could not even dream of going!

Okay, so the thing is that I have been nominated for an award which is called the “Super Sweet Blogger Award”….

Cupcakes…. 🙂

…..and the award has an important place in my heart, since the award is symbolized by cupcakes, which are like the most awesomely wonderful thing in the entire world….and I think I am addicted to them… or at least prone to be addicted to them.

So I am not sure what I am suppose to do, so I am just going to follow the lead of the person who has nominated me! So here goes nothing!


1. Give credit to the wonderful person who chose to nominate you.

Thank you so very much Denise for nominating me for this award. I cant even begin to tell you how wonderful this has been for me and how flattered I feel. I am glad you found my blog, and that we were able to share some of our interest. I seriously loved the brief discussion that we had, and it was just so nice to know that some one would pay such attention to a picture I posted about which I wasn’t even sure.

I haven’t been a regular blogger, but this award has really made me feel so good. So thank you so very much. Here is the link to her blog post where she talks about these windows, just in case some of you are also interested.


2. Answer the “Super Sweet” questions.

      Super Sweet Questions

1.  Cookies or Cake?  

Answer: Of course, CAKE! I don’t know what has happened but since a few years, I am all into cakes. I don’t like any other sort of desserts, except for cakes. I just loooovvveeeeeeeee them! I can’t live without them!

2Chocolate or Vanilla?

Answer:   Chocolate or maybe Vanilla…… It all depends on the weather!

 3. What is your favorite sweet treat?

Answer: Cup Cakes…. of all and any sorts. I especially liked Tiramisu… I mean it was just so heavenly!

4. When do you crave sweet things the most?

Answer:  Afternoon. right after lunch and then again right after dinner, but I don’t think I would mind having them for breakfast even.

5.   If you had a sweet nickname, what would it be?

Answer:  I never really had a nickname ever, somehow we were never that family who would give each other nicknames. So I don’t know… I am just clueless about this.

6. Nominate a “Baker’s Dozen” of 13 blogs.

So this is the really scary part.. I follow a lot of these sort of blogs and a lot of them are about food, and some about designing. And some are just plain about families and their stories, but I will try to do it.

First up is,


Okay so you lady have the most wonderful food blog, but what is truly wonderful about you – and your blog – are the CUPCAKES! I mean my goodness, you can whip up a cupcake out of almost anything and they all look – and some of them even taste – so wonderful! I love you and your blog…..I actually stalk all your cupcakes recipes like a mad maniac! I only wish my frosting would stick as superbly as yours! 😦 The one I tried and I just lovvveee is this one! 


Okay so your blog has been a recent discovery but I simply love your recipes, they are simple, hassle free and on a budget. And I am a big fan of your food photography… I am dying to try out your this recipe! 


This blog is something that reaffirms my belief in “you can still have it all”. The blog is about this sweet, lovely family, and they seem to make it work. It really is something just touches you in the deepest corner of your heart, and hey, the pictures are not so bad either. I really think that they are one hell of a cute family and I really enjoy reading about them and their adventures.


Despite your hatred against my generation, I am simply in love with you and your blog. You have some of the most outrageous things to say at time and despite everything, they actually seem to make sense about some of the most obnoxious ones of our generations. In fact, at times I am forced to agree with you! Oh well, you are my most favorite Crabby old Man!


This blog has given me some of the most wonderful ideas and tons of inspiration. Whenever I am stuck, I go and open this blog up and just look at the many of its post. And always there is something or the other which takes my attention and makes me all energetic and hyper in the midst of these wonderful ideas!


This is again one of those blogs which has me going all “AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW”… Its a blog about family and fashion, but my favorite part has always been the “Awkward and Awesome” Section”.


A food blog again, this has some wonderfully simply recipes, and I have actually tried a few of them. She clearly puts a lot of effort in this blog and it is quite visible by just looking at the pictures.


A food blog… yet again… but this mostly covers Indian and Pakistani dishes, and therefore is one to which I refer to quite a lot for some ideas and recipes, and just to compare how she does thing and then steal away some ideas.


You are funny! I like you! but you are my kind of funny, the sarcastic funny… the dark side funny… I like you… Did I say that already? I don’t care.. I still like you!


You remind me of my sister and the things we did when we were kids.. obviously it wasn’t that much of a party since I only have one sibling, but I still enjoy your work.. Not to mention, I am always amazed by the amount of work you put into each image.


Simple one liners, that I sometimes understand, but more than usual, I scratch my head. But still, I look forward to finding an update from you in my inbox.


One image and a simple quote, and somehow you seem to pull some strings inside me! The quotes are always so touching and makes me wonder and ponder deep. I really enjoy your work!


Again a place where I go to for my ideas and design inspiration. They are always very unique and always interesting and I cant thank them enough for doing what they do.


I hope that you people will accept it.. I have nominated you because you each contribute in some small way to my day, either by making me laugh, or go all puppy face, or all gaga, or hyped up with ideas, or something else along those lines. I hope you would accept these nominations and then pass it on.. if you want! No pressure…!

Thank you once again Denise! I really really appreciate it and I don’t think I can thank you enough for it!


6 thoughts on “I got nominated for an award which has cupcakes as its symbol!

  1. Thanks so much, Varda, for accepting this award and posting such a beautiful post. I just got another award posted now on my notebook. Take a look as the subject matter will be of interest to you….art! Love your blog. Will follow.

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