USA Diaries – Day 15 – There goes our Luggage Weight Limit!

This diary post is a part of a 30 day trip that I am taking this month which it also happens to be my first ever International trip. So for the next 30 days I will be posting here all my weird thoughts and commentary. 

Day 16, – In my hotel room, Washington DC, Late updating

So Day 15 was a very non -happening day and therefore quite unusual – we haven’t had one of those till now. However, the only downside of this was that the day had to start as early as 9 am… we hadn’t had such an early day before as well….. So safe to conclude the day was to completely unusual. We were scheduled to be with the amazing Conservator of NMNH or National Museum of Natural History, Ms. Cathy Hawks.

She is an amazing lady (the word ‘amazing’ has now officially gone into overuse on this blog). She has such a wealth of knowledge and experience, and she shared so much of that with us. Not only she made notes for us of all her presentation, but she also made a CD for us which has these amazing  resource guides. I was so amazed to see this, I mean who bothers much with a group of people coming in from third world countries, but she really had put in an effort in sharing her knowledge with us and for us to take so much more back from this experience. I was completely taken a back.

We had the whole day with her and in that time we covered the various facets of Risk Management and Conservation. She told us about a million small and simple tricks that we can use in our own context which won’t even cost much money. She is simply a well full of knowledge.

We even took a tour around one of the storage facilities and we even met a wonderful .. Meet Mr. Beaver…!

As I said, this was an uneventful day! Anyways, the only other highlight of the day was that we had food, but amazingly I didn’t take a picture of that even. I did take a picture of this!

I think we only had left overs or something since I have no photographical evidence of any dinner. I think some days just are like that!

Oh, and the reason for title is simple – that day after our session got over, we skipped over to Freer and Seckler and got these wonderful books for ourselves. We have been getting so many books that I am so pretty sure that our luggage weight limit is about to go out of the window!

PS: Excuse the bad quality picture – I took it with my phone just now! So excuse that – But this is a book we got through Freer and Seckler and this is just one of the many that we have been getting! So god have mercy on our luggage!



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