USA Diaries – Day 9 – The day we hopped to Pentagon City!

This diary post is a part of a 30 day trip that I am taking this month which it also happens to be my first ever International trip. So for the next 30 years I will be posting here all my weird thoughts and commentary. 

Day 9, 25-7-2012 – In my hotel room, Washington DC, (Late updating)

This is yet again a late updating, which is much due to the fact that the day was simply exhausting. It was to be our last day at the Freer and Seckler and thus filled with many things to do and see. At 10 in the morning, we simply headed off to our first workshop of the day, with Jeffrey Smith. He is one of the most sweetest man that I have ever come across, and it has to be said, that this was one of the most useful workshops that we have attended so far. The main reason for this was most probably the hands-on experience that we got in the workshop. With Jeffrey we had the chance to explore this software which is called the TMS – The Museum System. And this is a fantastic system. It is easy, the interface is clean and with so much detail. Me and Jeffrey had a chance to talk for a while, in which we discussed the need to sometimes understand that certain things are beyond our control and that we can’t be perfect. After the class, it was once again, maybe for the last time, off to the cafeteria of the Energy Department…. sigh.. I will miss all that food. 

After lunch, we had a meeting with the Archivist, David Hodges, who was an amazing guy. And was sweet enough to show us some fantatsic stuff that they have in their Arhives. This included a Palm Leaf manuscript, which one guy from our group even got around to translating.

After this, we all went to pursue our appointments, mine with Kelly Swain, the exhibit coordinator. She is one of the most sweetest lady and I have a whole new level of respect for her…. the lady gave me a free gift. What do you expect then?

She showed me the exhibit “Shipwrecked” that I was much interested in seeing, since she had talked about it in her presentation. I have to say it was a totally different thing from what I have seen in the Smithsonian Museums.

After our classes, we decided to head towards Pentagon City. IT was a really cool place and some of the shops were not so bad. I had a good time there.

And do you know that DC is beautiful at night?


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