USA Diaries – Day 6 of 30 – Hello Farmer’s Market`

This diary post is a part of a 30 day trip that I am taking this month which it also happens to be my first ever International trip. So for the next 30 years I will be posting here all my weird thoughts and commentary. 

Day 6, 22-7-2012 – In my hotel room, Washington  (late updating)

Today was to be the last day that Mark was here in Washington DC with us, and therefore most of the time left with him had to be fully utilized. And how is one suppose to do that? Well you wake up at 6 am in the morning and get dressed by 9 and head off to Dupont Circle for the Farmer’s Market. Now this, undoubtedly, was my first ever experience with a Farmer’s Market, and it was truly spectacular ( I know I am running out of adverbs day by day). It was everything I can ever dream of, with fresh cheese and flowers, and fruits and vegetables and Cheese, and god knows what. And everything is a local produce using natural methods.

After the Farmer’s Market, Mark took us around the main circle, before we made a stop for me only at Capital Teas. The shop had the most amazing teas ever that I have ever seen and also one of the most amazing interiors.

The fountain at Dupont Circle

Capital Teas

That day we decided to take things easy and relax. Therefore we returned to the hotel and rested for a while, before finally heading out to Penn Cameras to conduct a survey about the camera prices and all. Lunch was a pathetic affair, as we dined at the amazing McDonalds. Can you even believe it? I know I sure don’t.

In the evening, we headed out to a Mexican Restaurant, and tried some Sea Enchiladas with some Chicken Tacos. I have to say the food was simply amazing. Oh and Washington has one of the most beautiful evenings ever.

Enchiladas for Appetizers.



Chicken Tacos

Sea Enchiladas


One thought on “USA Diaries – Day 6 of 30 – Hello Farmer’s Market`

  1. looking at streets I wonder, don’t these leaves falls? Is there any human activity happening on them? are they washed every day? Impressive community

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