The Invisible Bridge of RO&AD Architects

No, this is not a post about a lovely scenery and the wonders of nature! This is in a fact about a bridge, which is very much a part of this picture. The only thing is that its under water, or at least level with the water. And isn’t such an approach just perfect for this atmosphere? It is perfect in maintaining the scenic calm and peace of this setting, while fulfilling the purpose of its existence. 

The Moses Bridge as it is called is located in Halsteren, Municipality of Bergen op Zoom, The Netherlands. And was designed in this way to maintain views towards a Fort on the site. 


From Islamabad, With Love! – Part 3

Another stop that I made during my visit was to Saidpur Village, although the destination was a discovery I made by chance when Googling possible sites to visit when in Islamabad. I had never heard of it before and therefore it was a surprise for me to see such a place. The spot is more of a commercial zone now, with many places to eat and be entertained, but despite this there is still a touch of that rustic old life. You can even wander around in the village site, which are a bit away from the main hustle bustle and be shocked by the contrast this one site presents. 

From Islamabad, with Love! – Part 2

The trip to Faisal Mosque was one more stop that I made despite the fact that I have been there a million times before I think. And I am glad I did! The chance to see the Margalla Hills being surrounded by those black clouds, only to finally come down on us after Maghrib was a experience that I would have never wanted to miss!

So here is a big cheer to Mother Nature and her miracles!



From Islamabad, with Love! – Part 1

Did you all know that recently … like 6 months back.. I took a trip to Islamabad. And since I am one lazy person, I haven’t been able to upload the pictures so far. So let me take this opportunity and post some of them now! And yes, I am becoming more regular with this. So get ready for that!

So here are some images that I was just clicking away of the scenery around Islamabad!