Thesis, Thesis!

I will tell you one thing! It’s not easy getting anything done in this country! Relevance you ask? Then let me tell you in detail friends! I am working on my thesis project at the archeological site of Banbhore – a site often considered to be the historic town of Deybal!

The thesis hopes to take into consideration the various aspects and charters taht put various limitations and rules and regulations about how to apprach such a site!

So for the project, I needs maps! Ton’s of them! All sorts of topographical maps! And every department which can help me in this regard is a Government Sector Department!

The result is that half the time the concerned person has just hasn’t shown up! If it is a female, then its probably a headache, and if it is a male, then rest assured his wife is giving birth the umpteenth time this month!

And for two weeks now, I have been going from one department to the other, chasing Government Officials to help in some way, in complete hopelessness!

I need help!


THAAP 2011 – Call for Papers

Yes people, it’s true. THAAP is back in action, and has send out another call for paper. This time the topic is “Potrait of Lahore: Capital city of Punjab”

Now I love Lahore as much as the next person, but don’t you think that the topic is one that is going to leave us Karachite’s out of the loophole this time. Well I still have a topic but I am not sure if it is worth it or not, or whether it would even fit the theme or not.

But I always hope for the best, and besides I would love another excuse to visit Lahore! I love that place!

P.S: The deadline for sending in the abstract is June 15th, 2011.


THAAP Call for Paper 2011