Pulling an All-nighter becomes second nature when you are an Architectural Student!

Its 4:28 am and I am still up. I have been having  a love affair with my PC for the last three days, and my eyes are finally starting to pay the price for me,… count my fingers and hand in too.

We are due for a big jury on Saturday. And I have been working like crazy. I keep thinking to myself that I am almost done with this, but the truth is I am not! Some how things just don’t seem to be working out. And now my brain feels like it is going to sleep as well…

I have been told by many friends that the secret weapon to get through Architecture is black coffee, but honestly coffee and I just don’t get along. So the result is that I am caffeine and junk-food deprived. Am I making sense in any way right now? If I am not, then I am not to be blamed for it!

I have Lays, but I need chocolate.. was anyone expecting me to rant about the project I am working on? ARE YOU INSANE! DON’T YOU THINK I HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF THAT ALREADY THAT I WOULD WRITE ABOUT IT HERE AS WELL!

I am short of coke as well… I need Coke – as in the drink, not the drug! Will the drug help though? Hmmm worth considering!

The only thing that keeps me going is music.. and i have listened to so much music in the last two days that my ears are hurting…. because of the ear I mean headphones I am wearing!

Ugh….. ” I want something else, I am not listening when you say Good bye. TODODODOTODODOD”

That’s the song that I am listening to right now… hmm time to go back to work I guess !


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