Khairpur, Bamboo, and Derya Khan Goth – A memoir!

Okay so as usual I am writing after a long time, which reaffirms my need for a laptop. Anyone ready to sponsor me? No? Yes? Show of hands?


The traveling blues stayed with me all the way through… but there were moments of complete breathtaking beauty and human emotions that completely overtook my senses and everything was forgotten.

The purpose of this workshop – which was imposed on the whole of the 5th year students – was to learn and understand the Bamboo Construction Techniques that are being employed in the village of Derya Khan Sheikh, Khairpur after the devastating floods of 2010.

Yasmeen Lari and her team at the “Heritage Foundation” have been working on a similar design in Swat since the Earthquake of 2004 which rocked the entire northern region of Pakistan. The structure of course has been modified to deal with less harsh climatic conditions in the region of Kharipur.

More on that soon enough! But let me share some pictures with you of my trip.

The village where we were working

Inside a village house

Fez Mahal

Our new friends



More friends


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