Khairpur Trip … and Group Trip Blues!

So tomorrow early morning we leave for a trip to Khairpur for a week. The trip is part of a workshop regarding Flood Housing..

Its been a while since I have been out for a trip with so many people.. and to be honest, I am a bit nervous.. which I am sure would subside in a few hours into the trip.

Details and tons of pictures of the trip next week.. !


The Unevitable Urban Change !

The partial night view in the City Hall sectio...

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In discussions with Arif Sahab during the time I was interning with him, his view point regarding the change in the cities came into discussion. His conclusion has been simply, “PEOPLE WANT TO BE MODERN”. According to him, people are sick of those chains of traditions that are holding them back.

This discussion came about from a thesis proposal that I had been running by him, it was in its initial phase, and it was more of an idea than anything concrete.My idea was that people of different ethnic backgrounds lose out on their cultural identity in cities, where the lack of diversified housing lacks in tending to their needs.

Arif Sahab – whose opinion is worth more mine any second of any day – disagreed with this thought process of mine, for his experience said that people move to the cities because they want to be modern, and embrace a  new and fast-paced life. Continue reading