My First Assignment for my 5th year course!

So it has been almost a month since the internship ended, and almost two weeks since university kicked in, and I promise you, it was taking its toll on me already. I am taking two courses of 5th year, these being a course for Writing Skills ( which reminds me I should know the exact name of the course), and a Design Studio! Besides this, I am retaking a 4th year Studio, which I flunked last year, and between all this, I have no time to breath!

So I have decided to post my assignments that I will be doing this semester up throughout the semester, simply for having anything productive to write at the moment – did I mention that this semester is taking its toll on me? Well IT IS!

So people, here is my first assignment that we did for my Writing Course! Let me know – who ever you are out there who is reading this – what you think of it! This weeks assignment was an Op-Ed, that I would be post soon, which had to focus on the thesis topic that we would be taking up!

Introduction: A few words about me.

Named as Varda Nisar by my parents back in 1986, I feel that it is the hardest thing for me to write anything about myself. I have never been comfortable with writing about myself ever, and thus this is not an easy task for me, but I shall make an attempt at it.I am currently attending my final year of my Architecture degree, and it has taken me many self- created hurdles to get to here finally. My interest in Architecture has been there for as long as I can remember it, but has been mostly focused more on conservation and research, than main-stream architecture.

I like to think of myself as a person of varied interest, these ranging from writing and blogging to debating about politics and religion, to travelling, music and photography. I have been writing for several publications since I was 14, and did my first internship at Young World, Dawn. Besides this, I also so a lot of writing as a ghost writer, and for my own blogs, and it is one of the rare outlets for me to vent out about everything.

I love reading, and had always been proud of the fact that I had read classics such as Tale of Two cities, War and Peace – abridged version, Great Expectations, Shaukat Siddiqui’s Urdu classics such as Char Dewar, Jangloos, Khuda Ki Basti; Short stories by Minto despite many protest from people who got to know of my interest in him; Roots by Alex Haley, and many more great titles as such before I had turned 16, and these have been very helpful in broadening my vision and perceptions of society.

I come from a family which has always been immersed in books, and politics and world affairs, and thus I grew up in a house which always had more room for books and their shelves than for the humans living in it. My families commitment with this has always been evident to me by the fact that growing up in our home, we had not a single picture of us as a family; however my father did boost of his beautiful smuggled from Germany poster of Karl Marx, that to this very day is the most biggest and the most beautifully framed picture in our home. For the longest of time, me and my sister were sure that he is bound to be a relative of ours!

My latest new found interest includes cooking, and many a days, I would be found sitting in front of my computer screen looking and drooling by simply looking at food pictures, and then later trying to imitate them, to mostly very desirable results!

If I was to talk about my personality, then describing it could safely be concluded to be one of the hardest things that I would be attempting to do today. I usually operate in a phase by phase manner, meaning that I change according to the phase that has taken hold of me during a certain period of time. I can swing between extremities of my personality very easily and quite sharply, without any due warning. And I get bored very easily! This lack of interest can be in anything, in a particular subject or topic, in a conversation and even in people, even in myself. This crisis is usually averted by getting a drastic hair cut, or changing my dressing style, or changing my entire room, but in most cases, it is very difficult for me to get back on the track!

I am a social person, but when it comes to trusting people, then there are a very few handful of people that fall in this category, with whom I would share anything and everything. And it is for this reason that sharing about who I am is so difficult for me a task. But I hope that this attempt would qualify for something at least!


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