Last week of my internship!

From next week, I would start the countdown to the end of my internship, and then it would be time to move on to my thesis! I am not sure that I have my topic all figured out yet. But I know it has to do with keywords like: media, culture,impact, globalization, urban setting, display of culture in urban setting, cultural roots of those cultural displays in the urban setting, the study of various minority groups in this regard, the designing of such a venture, the inclusion of the impact of the latest studies revealing the impact of creative industries on these cultural trends! Well maybe it would find its own pathway eventually! But it is shaping up, don’t  you think so!

Anyways… since I had time before my semester started, I had joined Arif Hasan’s office for internship and he was nice enough to keep me around! And being in his office is like being in a treasure hunt. But you have to make the effort to find the hunt. You just don’t get it like that! But really, even that is not much of an effort. All you have to do is to get your ass of the chair, and stroll to the little room, with the huge steel cabinet which has all of his work stored away! Now it’s not just any work. It’s the work from the time of Romance, and when the entire era marveled at just the right pace of life, when people still made houses for generations and generations to come! I am talking of an era when no computers existed and you had just the paper and you, and the feel of the paper under your skin!

His drawings are beautiful and there are tons of them to see and just marvel it. not only that once, I was lucky enough to see his work from his college days.. it was fantastic, simple, plain, none of the fancy stuff that we all get ourselves stuck in! Plain and simple and to a human scale!

Well, I have learnt a lot, I think the most valuable of these being that I should trust what I am designing, instead of just dismissing it as just plain useless. I learnt how to make BOQ’s, how to make an auditorium, how to make a research report, and now lets see what unfolds in my last week!


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