My First Project!

So I know it is not tomorrow, but I am finally able to upload pictures of my First Project. Here are some of the details of my project, hope to hear some feed back from all of you out there who happen to wander out here!

Client: A Salon

Brief: The clients were the most perfect clients one can wish for. They trusted me with their project. The brief that they gave me was simple “Design something that would fit in this area since we don’t know much about it.” To have such a responsibility on me was both nerve-wrecking and an honor. I loved every second of this project.

Since it was my first project a lot of mishaps also happened, but thanks to a great team and a wonderful contractor and craftsmen  (who taught me many things during the project) that we were able to finish this within 2 months.

The interiors – View towards the back side

The Ground Floor Plan

The inner side of the circular division

The outer side of the curve

The entrance door!

The back of the curve after being done!

The back of the curve after the pictures had been installed in them!

The reception area!

The main area

Close up of a single unit

The Ground Floor Working Area

View towards the main entrance

View from the stairs

Stones on the side of the buid up the environment before one steps into the facial rooms!

View towards the back side gallery

Facial rooms

The roof design ..

The back side gallery


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